Dodi: Rescue Shih Tzu with itchy skin

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shih tzu with itchy skinDodi is an elderly Shih Tzu. When he was about 12 years old his owner died, sadly they were not discovered immediately. Dodi had to fend for himself alone in the house for quite a long time.

When he was found he was skeletal and the police wanted to ‘put him down’ for his own good, but the Shih Tzu Rescue Centre took him in and they placed an internet advert for a new owner; but he was old, totally deaf and had partial sight from a cataract in one eye and damage to the other. His front teeth were also loose and damaged and gave him pain and discomfort when eating.

His internet advert remained for nearly a year until I chanced on it – I drove for 2 ½ hours to collect him and we began the complex care process to get him back to something like full fitness.

In just 15 months he has increased his weight from 3 – 8kg, his teeth have been sorted, his ‘good’ eye is responding and he has gradually built fitness so that now rather than struggling along for 50 yards and then laying down he can climb the fell behind the house and walk next to me for 40 minutes.

By keeping things in his eye-line he has also learned to play with a couple of well sucked teddy bears! We love him to bits. The final health problem was his skin it was in such poor condition that his coat was patchy, thin, lank and lifeless and even when regularly groomed and bathed he was constantly scratching to the extent that he would make his skin bleed and it would wake him at night.

It looked like eczema so another serendipitous internet search for ‘dog eczema’ found me Pooch & Mutt and the magical Bionic Biotic. After only a week of using the product in his dinner the scratching had almost completely stopped and he was so much calmer.

After two weeks his coat began to shine and all the old skin abrasions healed. Dodi is at his groomer today, she is amazed at the condition of his coat and is about to order Bionic Biotic for her own dog.

Another friend with a collie who had a strange fur loss patch on her back has tried Bionic Biotic to excellent effect and we will be sharing our next order.

Dodi and I can’t thank you enough for this product, it has become an integral part of ‘preparing dinner’.

Dr. Lesleyann Morgan