Chadd: Old Yorkshire Terrier

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Chadd is a 19 year old Yorkshire terrier. He has no teeth, only one good eye and problems with his ears mean he is deaf. He is very thin but with a good appetite and is a very strong character who knows exactly what he wants.

Chadd came to stay with me in June 2011 when his elderly owner could no longer care for him. When he arrived he was very frail and bony. He had problems in walking, being wobbly and uncoordinated in his hind legs.

During the next couple of months his health went up and down with several emergency visits to the vets with diarrhoea and colitis like symptoms. I had to be very careful with what he was eating – anything too rich caused a recurrence of the symptoms and with him being so tiny and frail, I was very concerned.

I decided to investigate the possibility of a food supplement that might help and did some research on the internet. I discovered Bionic Biotic from Pooch and Mutt and liked what I was reading in the reviews, so ordered a pack.

I started to feed it on 15 Sep 2011 and the only visit to the vet since then has been for routine vaccinations. My friends (and I) cannot believe the difference in Chadd – he now eats the same as my other dogs, including the foods that upset him before. He is extremely bright, alert and active – people can’t believe how old he is.

There has also been an incredible improvement in his movement. He is much less stiff in his hind legs and can now stand up on them when trying to climb onto a chair. He is able, and keen, to go on longer walks than ever before and loves to go out and about.

We are now on our second packet of Bionic Biotic (as he is so tiny a 200g packet lasts a long time) and I will continue to feed it as long as I have him.

I can’t recommend it highly enough as it has transformed this little dog.

Trudy Crosby