Mr. Brown: A Newly Slim Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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I am writing with some feedback on the Slimmin’ Tonic that you were kind enough to send for my Stafford to try.

The results have been very good, and we were successfully able to reduce the intake of his regular diet without him stealing the veggies I grow in the garden.

Palatability was excellent, and there was no adverse effect at all on his digestion and stool volume / consistency.

Mr Brown has lost almost an inch from his waist and he has a much more defined shape. He is also now 1.5kg lighter and a very healthy weight for his height and stature.

The slim-line Mr Brown has appeared in two magazines since his weight loss. His photo accompanied an article I wrote on nutrition for the pet press, and he also modelled in a feature about dogs in the 1950s for “Milkcow Vintage Magazine”. As well as modelling, Mr Brown enjoys playing tag with the kids, making artistic sculptures out of his rope toys and getting the cat into trouble (although that does work both ways).

Thank you very much for sending such a generous amount of Slimmin’ Tonic for Mr Brown to try. I am very happy to recommend it to Arden Grange customers who are helping their dogs to lose weight. I especially like that this is a natural product, the inclusion of L-carnitine, and the fact that there is nothing in the ingredients list that would be particularly provocative in dogs with dietary allergies or sensitive digestions.

All good wishes,

Ness Bird
Nutritionist, Arden Grange Dog Food