Alfie and Daisy: Yorkshire Terriers With Sensitive Stomachs and Skin Problems

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I’ve been using Bionic Biotic for only 1 month and have noticed a great deal of difference in both of my dogs Alfie had a sensitive stomach and threw up alot but since using bionic biotics his stomach is a lot better now plus his coat is lovely and silky he looks gorgeous now.Daisy was constantly itching scratching and gnawing at her paws. She was always very irritable and uncomfortable. It was so sad to see her this way as she couldn’t settle, but since using the Bionic Biotic in one month the scratching and gnawing has settled down a lot. It hasn’t stopped fully yet but its nice to see her settle down with comfort, I will be definitely be using Bionic Biotic always now, if my dogs are happy I’m very happy. Thank you Pooch & Mutt.