Buddy: Springer Spaniel With Runny Stools

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Buddy has always had intermittent loose stools, sometimes with mucus. He used to “scoot” once he had been to the toilet.

I tried changing his diet, thinking the puppy food may have been to rich. This met with limited success, so I tried adding extra fibre and probiotic yoghurt to his diet. This did help but was time consuming and messy!!!!

So continuing my search I came accross Bionic Biotic which seemed ideal, adding both fibre and probiotics without the mess and in the right amounts.

Looking at some of the other testimonials I was impressed by what they said and the price was very reasonable so I ordered some. Buddy has been transformed, he very rarely has loose stools now, travelling does tend to upset his bowels, but if I hadnt started using Bionic Biotics I would not have found this out as his stools are firm at home. His wind is a lot more bearable now as well.


Tracey Smyth