Dargo: Weimaraner With Scurf in Coat and Upset Stomach

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I have an extremely fit, young weimaraner dog who has been raised on BARF. Althought he has a beautiful coat, he began to suffer from some scurf in his coat & the occasional, very slight stomach upset.

I’ve had this breed for the last 32 years, showing & working them, I have tried many products over the years but have never witnessed great improvements in the claimed areas of such products.

I started him on Bionic Biotic in order to compliment the BARF ethos & combat those two problems listed above.

Within a few weeks I saw a vast improvement in coat with the scurf disappearing completely with the probiotics seeming to aid his digestion too.

I’ve got to say I’m most impressed & have just ordered your offer on a bulk order of 6. I will take every opportunity to recommend your product going on the results I have witnessed, in fact only a few weeks ago at Crufts I did the very same when a couple said their weimaraner’s coat was in poor condition.

Credit where credit is due!


Julie Turner
Very satisfied Weimaraner owner/breeder/exhibitor.