Chadwick: Rescue Dog With Diarrhoea

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I would like to tell you how Bionic Biotic has changed my dog’s life.

I got my dog Chadwick from the Border Collie Trust, he had had to live on the streets and scavenge what he could to exist. A month after he came to live with me he had a violent bout of diarrhoea , the vet’s bill was enormous as samples had to be sent to the lab for analysis.  He seemed healthy enough but did not gain any weight, the vet said he could do with gaining 3kilos, also his faeces were not normal. He kept having recurrent bouts of diarrhoea.

A few months ago he had a violent attack and had to be seen by the vet out of hours, the bill for this visit was £300.

As the vet couldn’t suggest any further remedy in desperation I trawled the net and found Bionic Biotic. Once I started adding this to his food the change in his health was amazing, he put weight on, his coat improved, the diarrhoea completely disappeared and he is much calmer and happier.

Thank you so much Pooch and Mutt.

Thank you
Linda Hellaby
P.S Chadwick is on Glen Brittle shore on the Isle of Skye