Jake: Elderly Lab x Collie

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I got Jake from Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester in 2000.

He is a lab x collie who will be 16 around June this year.  He was really feeling down, not interested in walks and not at all happy.  I was looking around the internet and found Pooch & Mutt and Mobile Bones for the elderly dog.  I sent away for a sample pack and gave that to him, until I ran out 3 days ago and am amazed at how he has changed.  On Monday he started to pick up and was interested in walks, wagging his tail and generally interested in me.  I took him and my 2 year old up to the common tonight with my daughter and she could not believe how he was running in front of us. I am so happy that I know he is happy.

Thanks again. I have put my order in tonight for another bag!

Sue Beck