Brandon: Collie With Stiff Joints

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Brandon came to me from the Border Collie Trust in Colton Staffordshire. He had been in kennels for 2 years he was very stressed and very stiff in his joints, I made a commitment to him to do everything I can to get him back to a calm, happy and mobile dog again. He has been taking Mobile Bones now for 2 years and has gradually got better and better, he doesn’t run around but in fairness he isn’t a dog that does anything at speed, but he walks for miles and miles with me and we enjoy a very active and fun life together.

I came across Mobile Bones during my search (online) for ways to support Bran, I love everything holistic, first I got a great feeling about this product and the ingredients made so much sense to me so I purchased this for Bran and have never looked back, just purchased my next 6 months and am happy that it is doing good, I know he loves it because when I open ‘his drawer’ in the kitchen he licks the Mobile Bones packet…dogs know exactly what they need.

Thanks Pooch and Mutt.

Karen and Brandon xx