Spook: Siberian Husky needing a skin supplement

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I bought some Bionic Biotic primarily to help one of my younger Siberian Huskies, Spook. Spook gets patches of a ZRD- like rash around his mouth and had developed red, bare patches on on my knees that were obviously irritating him as he kept nibbling at them.

I’d tried various forms of zinc supplement as well as a cube of liver a day but nothing seemed to be improving it. After 10 days with a teaspoon of Bionic Biotic in his food, I was happy with how his mouth looked and he was no longer bothering his knees. A couple of months later and you can hardly see where the bare patches were on his knees.

I’ve attached a picture of Spook (Charoite Raven’s Brew).

He is aged 21 months and is a working Siberian Husky. My dogs all work in harness and race during the winter months.

I’m trying this also with one of my older dogs. Nine-year-old Beany had respiratory allergies and this is normally a horrendous time of year for her due to the oilseed rape being in flower. She is normally on a course of steroids by now. She’d been on the supplement a month now and is so far so good so watch this space.

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