Freddie: Springer Spaniel with Loose Stools

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Just wanted to contact you let you know how pleased I am with Bionic Biotic.

After reading many of the reviews for this product I have to admit I was not altogether convinced that it would work.

Freddie was rehomed by us back in January at the age of 6 months, a mad little puppy eager to learn but suffered badly with intermittent loose stools which made walking him not the most enjoyable experience for him or for us.We tried introducing different makes of food but none of these seemed to help and we were starting to get worried as was unsure if there was a more serious problem. We spoke to his vet who told us to monitor the situation but as it was not all the time re-assured us that it shouldn’t be anyhting too serious.

One night I spent hoursĀ investigatingĀ the problem on the internet and came across this product and thought it was worth a go.

Freddie is still mad as ever but now has no problem going to the toilet and walks are now much easier and enjoyable thanks to this product.

We have even noticed his coat is more shiney and in all seems a very happy pup.

Thank you,
Kathryn Blackmore