Vegas: Great Dane with joint discomfort

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I have 4 dogs Morgan 14 year old Black Lab, Dingo 12 year old chocolate lab, Vegas 4 year old Great Dane, and Radar 1 year old Hungarian Vizsla.

For years my labradors have been stealing my horses Blue Chip feed balancer, they seem to love the taste, and typical labs… just cant get enough!

I came across your stand at Crufts this year and when I heard that Blue Chip was your sister company I had no hesitation in trying your product, Mobile Bones.

Again my dogs seem to love the taste, especially the Great Dane who normally is only interested in chicken or cheese! Diagnosed with ********* at the age of 1, we’ve fought with him for 3 years, trying to administer seraquin tablets on a daily basis was such a struggle.

Now his regular consistent serving of Mobile Bones helps greatly he now has no “off” days. Also with regard our chocolate labrador we’ve noticed a reduction of the amount of metacam we give her.

All in all I would recommend this product, the dogs are happy eating it and their mobility is good!

Kind regards,
Catherine Tulloch



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