“Toby has so much more energy and better digestion”

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Labrador Diagnosed With Epilepsy

“I’ve had my dog Toby, who is six years old, on the Bionic Biotic for just over 6 months now. Prior to this he had numerous problems with upset stomach, often ate sticks and grass, suffered from ear infections and occasionally had seizures. My vets concluded that he had epilepsy and were going to put him on epilepsy tablets which I didn’t want to do.

 It was at this time I started looking at alternative treatments and saw Bionic Biotic advertised in Horse and Hound. The supplement seemed to give Toby so much more energy, better digestion and overall well being. Around the same time as starting Toby on Bionic Biotic I found something on the Internet about wheat allergies in dogs and listing all of the symptoms Toby had shown over the years.
 So I also changed his dog food to wheat and gluten free and put him on the supplement and in six months was no longer suffering from seizures (touch wood!) and only once he had upset stomach. He previously had seizures every two months since the age of about two and numerous upset stomachs. I think the combination of the supplement and food change has made such a difference Toby’s life and I also don’t worry about him any more!