Denzil: Boxer needing joint supplement

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I heard about Pooch & Mutt on Joanne Good’s Barking at the Moon programme about three or four months ago.  On that very day we have decided to take our beloved boxer dog, Denzil, off the prescription food our vet had recommended to us as he was experiencing stiffness in his left hip and front legs.  It was putting him completely off his food (something unheard of in 8 years!) was making his very mopey and it was full of chemicals and derivatives. I enthusiastically told my family about your products and the next day we ordered our first batch.

The results have been great, Denzil was able to immediately go back to his preferred food (an all natural wet food) with the Mobile Bones added and he brightened up straight away.  The Mobile Bones has kept his stiffness at bay and on the days when he has been playing and exercising more – which is on a regular basis despite him now being 9 years old – we up the amount we give a little and that does the trick.   Added to all that it is made of natural ingredients which is very important to us.  We have just placed our second order.

We have been recommending your products to friends and neighbors (and anyone who will listen!) as it is so good, and is helping to keep my lively boy very lively!

Thank you, and kindest regards

Alison Murray
The Murray Family and DENZIL