Mina: Greyhound with Wind and Runny Stools

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This is Mina, my ten year old ex racing greyhound. Mina has some serious health problems and not so long ago we didn’t think that she would make it.

She has *********** the length of entire spine as well as “things going on” in her left shoulder as a result of her career and genetics.

Since trying Bionic Biotic (suggested by our homeopathic vet) her stools are now ‘normal’ (before they were loose and runny), her “room/car-evacuating wind” has miraculously subsided (though she does have a rigid diet) and her scurfy skin appears to be getting better and better and better! Recently her vet commented that Mina has never looked better nor happier! Cannot recommend Bionic Biotic highly enough: Excellent product, Excellent service, Excellent canine health!




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