Sanchez: Lurcher With Runny Stools and Undiagnosed Skin Condition

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We rescued our lurcher 3 years ago, aged about 1. He was very underweight (not a good look in a greyhound-type breed!) and had an undiagnosed skin condition. Not being house-trained however gave us the biggest headache as his bowels were very loose and of course this did not help him gain weight either.

I scoured the Internet for reports of similar problems and lit upon Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic supplement. We have never looked back.

His skin is blemish-free and everything is solid the other end!

We now understand his dietary needs more and the need for a probiotic and good quality food without gluten.

The Bionic Biotic powder is brilliant, particularly convenient when we are on holiday with him, or if he has to go into kennels.

Jean Prior

Sanchez shortly after leaving rescue centre.