“The sore, itchy redness has gone from her tummy and the hair is growing back”

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“I have a Jack Russell called Ruby who is 2 years old and such a lovely natured little dog. It’s been quite distressing to see her scratching constantly at herself, even to the point of making bare patches on her body and having open scratches on her tummy and under her arms, as it were.

She has had several courses of antibiotics from the Vet and these have worked, in part, at the time of taking them, but the problem has arisen again as soon as the prescribed amount was finished. Apparently, this is caused by an allergy to grass, especially the pollens and seed heads.

A friend found out about Pooch and Mutt and I sent for the Bionic Biotic. Ruby has had a teaspoon in her breakfast every morning for the past three and a half weeks and I’m so delighted with the results even at this early stage. The sore, itchy redness has gone from her tummy and the hair is growing back where she had scratched away at herself.

More than anything, too, is the relief and joy of seeing her looking more comfortable and not agitated all the time. Her lovely little nature is able to shine out now that she isn’t constantly trying to ease her discomfort.┬áThank you very much, Pooch and Mutt. I have just ordered another supply of Bionic Biotic.

Joan Foster