Denzel: Miniature Daschund With Spinal Disc Injury

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My 15 year old miniature daschund had had suffered with a spinal disc injury which made him go completely off his legs. We were told the worst and were utterly devastated. I took him for swimming classes in order to try and get the feeling back into his legs and was told to try the Mobile Bones by the therapist! After 3 weeks Denzel is now running around and back to full health!

I can’t thank Mobile Bones enough as I definitely believe its aided him in his recovery! We also have another daschund who’s 17! After a week of her having the Mobile Bones she runs around like a spring chicken when previously she had been a bit cautious over the stairs etc. We are sticking to this now and I’m spreading the word to friends and families who love their dogs!

I can’t thank this enough,

Hayley Plant from mow cop cheshire