Rusty: Dog With Dry, Itchy Skin

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My dog used to itch and bite constantly, which resulted in sore, dry, bloody skin as well as lost of hair. Having being recommended Bionic Biotic from a friend, who swore by it, I was a bit hesitant as I have tried many products before and to no avail.

I ordered a sample pack to see if my dog will take to it as she can be very fussy, but she ate all her food unknown to her that the Bionic Biotic powder was mixed within. It was a good sign, so I ordered a few more sample packs, as the site stated it takes a week or two to notice any effects.

After about a week I noticed that she wasn’t biting or scratching at her legs as often as she used to, further week went by, scratching and biting ceased. I was shocked as other products in the past never worked and never showed any effect.

A few months on her scabs have healed, the dry skin is more or less less existent and her hair has started to grow back. She seems more content now and I don’t feel bad now when taking her for walks, because people stopped asking me what is wrong with her. And all thanks thanks to Pooch and Mutt’s product.

I’d recommend 100%. Thank you

David Piercy