Wil and Bruce: Kelpies With Joint stiffness

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Dear Pooch and Mutt,

I am so pleased with the Mobile Bones product.

I have two kelpies, Wil 8 years and Bruce 12 years. Wil has had a cruciate ligament operation this year and the vet had seen that he had ********* on the joint. We were told by the vet that he would need Metacam for the rest of his life.

Bruce has had ********* and stiffness in his front legs and his mobility earlier in the year was so bad he had a limit of 20 min exercise a day.

I started them on the Mobile Bones and it really worked.

6 months later, Wil is now off his Metacam and they are both enjoying two hour walks across Dartmoor.

Thank you for such an amazing product.

Sarah Finch



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