Customer Survey Results

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At Pooch & Mutt we value our customers and their opinion. A couple of weeks ago we have decided to conduct a short customer survey to see what our customers have to say about us and our products. We have gotten in touch with all of the customers that we have had throughout the year and we asked them five simple questions: Would you recommend Pooch & Mutt products to other people? Would you buy Pooch & Mutt products again? How often do you use Pooch & Mutt products? How did you found out about Pooch & Mutt products? What do you like the most about Pooch & Mutt products?

We have just finished analyzing the results this morning and we were quite pleased with what we have learned.

We have learned that 100% of respondents would recommend our products to other people and 100% of respondents would buy our products again. Over 86% of our customers use Pooch & Mutt products regularly. It was also interesting to learn that over 38% respondents stated that they have learned about our products as a result of print media. The same number of respondents have stated that they have learned about Pooch & Mutt through online media. 9% said that they have learned about us as a result of friend’s recommendation. We were quite pleased to learn that people from learn about our products through many different media channels.

To download survey results click here.