Pooch & Mutt launches new treats range

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Pooch & Mutt launches new treats range… with the help of their Facebook fans.

[to see the treats click here]

Pooch & Mutt, the UK’s leading ethical pet health supplement company is launching a new range of seven treats this March. The range will be launched to the public at Crufts on March 7-10 and at PATS (the Pet and Aquatic Trade Show) on March 19-20.

Pooch & Mutt’s director, Guy Blaskey, says, “We are very proud of this new range of treats. It is difficult to innovate in such a mature market, but we think that we have come up with something that is different, new, exciting and that customers seem to love. As part of the development process we had to choose between black and white lids. We were getting different opinions from a lot of key people, so we decided to open it up to the public and put a picture on facebook.com/poochandmutt with both options and ask people to vote. To my personal disappointment the black lids won it, but what was amazing was the numbers of people that cared. Over 2,000 people voted within 24 hours…. Over 1,500 voted for the black lids, so that is what we have gone with. People were phoning the office asking when they could get them, and that was on the basis of just one photo, so we can’t wait to actually release them at Crufts and PATS.”

The treats are all ethical, natural, low-calorie, hand-baked, gluten free mini-bones. Treats are the perfect way to build a bond with your dog and to train them to behave the way that you want them to. For the dog it is about having their behaviour ‘marked’ as a good thing to do, with something that they like. The Pooch & Mutt range being mini-bones with less than 3.5 calories per treat, imeans that you can give a larger number of treats per day than you could with a larger treat. This means that you have more chances to bond with your dog and to mark the behaviour that you want from them.

The range of treats builds on Pooch & Mutt’s nutritional knowledge from years of producing high quality health supplements. Each treat has a range of active ingredients for a specific purpose. The range includes:

Calm & Relaxed includes chamonile and l-Tryptophan. They are  designed to be given before stressful situations such as visits to the vets, car journeys, fireworks, competitions, separation or just as a nice bedtime treat.

Brain & Train includes gingko biloba and medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil). Designed to help memory and concentration, they are for both elderly dogs and dogs in training.

Digestion & Wind includes parsley, charcoal and chicory (a natural prebiotic) to help digestion, bloating and flatulence.

Active mobility includes linseed, rose hip (rosa canina) and yucca. This can be fed on it’s own or in conjunction with glucosamine-based joint supplements like Pooch & Mutt’s Mobile Bones.

Fresh breathincludes peppermint, parsley and chicory. This combination of ingredients both gives the breath a fresh, minty scent and aids digestion, which can be the cause of bad breath.

Puppy development includes linseed and chicory to provide omega 3 fatty acids to help brain development and trainability and a natural prebiotic to aid digestion.


The seventh treat in the range is Charity Chicken. This has no ‘active’ ingredients. It is simply a very high quality, natural, baked chicken treat. The benefit of Charity Chicken. is that 10p per pack sold will go to dog charities. Pooch & Mutt already works with many dog charities, small and large including Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, The Royal Veterinary College’s Animal Care Trust and The Labrador Lifeline Trust. Unlike other companies that only collect for large, well-known charities, Pooch & Mutt have decided to donate the proceeds from Charity Chicken. on a regular, ad-hoc basis to both well-known charities, and more importantly lesser-know charities. They also invite their customer to suggest new charities for them to donate to. There is more information at poochandmutt.com/charity.