Pepsi and Molly: French Mastiffs with stiff joints

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Pepsi has been on Mobile Bones since September 2012 and something was not right with her front leg and has never been quite sound on it. And being large breed she does carry a lot of weight on her joints.
She is nearly 8 and half now and is quite sprightly for an old girl although when she lies down for a while (which happens all the time!!) she is fairly stiff but once she gets going she is fine.
Unfortunately joint problems and large breed go hand in hand and I guess they do get to a point that certain products won’t work but wouldn’t like to think how she would be without it now!
When we got Molly she was fairly stiff on her back legs particularly her hips, when she got up, and she has been on Mobile Bones for a month now she has no problems getting up and you wouldn’t know she had any stiffness at all in her back legs/hips. She is fully maneuverable and has a real bounce now.
I also wanted to let  you know my cousin has an elderly Staffie, Coco (10 yrs old),  who was really struggling so I gave them a pack of my Mobile Bones and it really has made so much difference to her and they are so pleased with the results, they are going to continue with the supplement.
So glad discovered the Mobile Bones supplement!!
Thanks so much
Kind regards,
Dee Poole