Jake: Springer Spaniel with ******** troubles

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I found out about Mobile Bones by a complete accident while I was walking along the beach with my dog Jake. While we were walking around another Springer Spaniel owner noticed that Jake and suggested me to have a look at Mobile Bones

At the time Jake had been diagnosed with “***********” in both front legs by our Vet who explained that bits of bone were being trapped in the joints and would have to be removed by surgery.

Jake was 3 years old and struggling to walk without discomfort, needless to say we were quite worried about him and also the projected costs quoted by the Vet as “between 1 and 4 Thousand pounds”.

His future did not look at all good. I have to say, that I was skeptical about Mobile Bones due to the seriousness of Jake’s diagnosis but decided to try it anyway. I was astounded to find that within around seven weeks there was a definite beneficial change in Jake’s condition. He had gone from only walking on a lead to chasing his ball again.

Another visit to the Vet and more X rays confirmed that his condition was improving. I decided to take things very slowly with him and now two years later his quality of life is so much better.

I cannot praise your products highly enough.

Thank you