Winston: 13 year old Labrador with itchy skin and runny stools

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For the last 6 years my Labrador has had an allergy to grass and his feet have been so bad that he has chewed them till they bled. We had to bandage them up and buy boots for him to stop him chewing them.
This has been very distressing to both my dog and myself.

I discovered Bionic Biotic while looking on the Internet and thought I would give it a try. WOW! What a difference to my dog in only a few days!
He is so much happier and does not even attempt to chew his feet. It has also helped with his tummy as he sometimes suffered with runny stools.

I am now on my second pack of Bionic Biotic and my 13 year old Labrador Winston is a much improved dog. It is also delivered quickly and is a good price for what it does.