16 Year Old Jony Boris’ Mobility Improved

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Jonty Boris

“Jonty Boris is our elderly 16 year old Collie cross Kelpi. He is visually impaired, has mild ****** and has selective hearing! He also has issues making his back legs a bit “Wobbly”. Jonty was occasionally taking a dose of steroids to help with his mobility, but since adding Mobile Bones supplement to his food, we have seen some development in Jonty’s mobility.

We know Jonty Boris is an “elderly gentleman” now, and there is no miracle cure for him, quality of life is the most important thing and since he started having his Mobile Bones supplement the change in his general well being is definitely noticeable! And he is now walking around fine, even climbing his way onto the sofa.


I really don’t know. All I know is Jonty seems to have a new lease of life, and is still my happy, content brave little hero.

Thank you Pooch and Mutt.”

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