Saffy: German Shepherd with itchy skin

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After almost 10 years of my German Shepherd scratching continuously, breaking the skin to make it bleed and pulling her hair out, I have finally found something that works. Bionic Biotic has proven its worth in a matter of days by reducing the need for her to scratch, nibble and tear at her skin. She has become a much happier dog and her coat is beginning to grow back in.

I have spent thousands trying to get something to make her feel better but nothing seemed to work!!! Well there’s no getting away from dust which left me with no alternative but to put her on steroids from a very young age at a very high cost every month. I couldn’t believe, being skeptical initially, how quickly I saw results with Bionic Biotic . Its easy for her to take, non addictive and she wasn’t consuming harsh chemicals.

She’s happier and healthier and I am happier too that at last she has some relief.’

Gayle & Saffy