New £1 Treat Pocket Packs

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Building on the success of the 7 tubes of treats that we launched this time last year, the team here at Pooch & Mutt are proud to announce the launch of our new Pocket Pack treats.

At launch in March the treats will be available in 2 varieties; Calm & Relaxed and Fresh Breath.

Guy Blaskey founder of Pooch & Mutt says, “The reaction to our treat range has been incredible. People, and their dogs, just love them. The Calm & Relaxed and Fresh Breath varieties are so popular that it made sense to look at what else we could offer in these areas. Looking at the market we saw that there are no high quality treats around the £1 mark. Everything at that price point is nutritionally junk. Looking at the human market we saw that one of the fastest growing snacks for kids were Bear Fruit’s Yoyos. These are a nutritionally sound, impulse purchase that parents are happy to buy for their kids. We wanted to create the canine alternative to these – a nutritionally sound, impulse purchase that people would want to buy for their dogs, something at the £1 price point that fits our mission to help dogs lead happy, healthy lives.”

natural treats for dogs

Both varieties are ethical, natural, wheat free and chicken-based. Calm & Relaxed contains chamomile, l-tryptophan and valerian to help keep dogs calm and relaxed. Fresh Breath contains parsley, peppermint oil and yucca to help dogs have fresh breath.

The recipes are similar to the existing Calm & Relaxed and Fresh Breath recipes, but the bones themselves are substantially larger. As baked treats the bones can easily be broken down into smaller bits and used for training, or can be fed whole as a substantial treat. They are also the perfect size to stick in a Kong, which is a great way to keep your pooch occupied for longer periods of time.

The treats are launching to the public at Crufts 2014 and to the pet trade at PATS (the Pet and Aquatic Trade Show). Following that they will be available to buy online and they will be available to pet shops and vets through their normal wholesalers… so look out for them soon. 


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