Bionic Biotic transforms rescue dog Angus

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1bI recently contacted Pooch and Mutt because I have a foster dog in my care for the Oldies Club dog rescue. Angus had been malnourished for some time prior to coming into our care and he was severely underweight and in very poor condition generally.

We immediately got him on to a good diet which was helping with his weight gain but his skin and coat condition was still poor, it was at this point we were told about Bionic Biotic and we contacted Pooch and Mutt to see if they thought it might help Angus. They were a fantastic company to talk to and couldn’t do any more than they did to help, in fact they donated 3 bags of Bionic Biotic to help the rescue out and to try to improve Angus general condition.

Within a month his coat was starting to improve and to our amazement the dry flaky skin was visibly less. We are now 2 months into the use of the product and his hair is now silky when brushed and he just has a tiny bit of flaky skin near his tail when groomed.

I can honestly say that I will not only continue the products use for Angus to help maintain his condition and recommend it to his new owners (he hasn’t found them yet) that they continue its use, I will also use this for future foster dogs that come in to my foster care in a similar condition.

A big thanks to Pooch and Mutt for not only being so helpful by phone and email but also for making the donation to Angus and aiding his recovery to good health. Angus sends big sloppy licks to you all as a thank you for helping his recovery which in turn means he will find a home quicker.