Storm: Chocolate Labrador with itchy skin

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P1000935We have been using Bionic Biotic since last November. Our chocolate labrador, who is 22 months old, has had itchy skin for over 12 months.

Our vet was very honest regarding his itchy skin, telling us that he thought it might initially be an allergic reaction as he is a very outdoors dog, but the itchiness persisted after the season. It was then mentioned that blood testing for allergies was an option, but that this wasn’t particularly successful. We then decided to look at his dog food by cutting out all his ‘treats’ and going on to a hypo-allergenic food.

It was at this time that I found your product totally by chance when looking at websites related to itchiness in dogs. We are therefore not entirely sure whether either of the products we are using is responsible entirely for his improvement, although we did run out of Bionic Biotic a while ago and his itchiness seemed to increase within a relatively short period. We are happy to keep using this product and Storm obviously enjoys it too!

We also recommend it to any dog owner who mentions any itchiness or digestive issues to us, as we feel that your company is run on an ethical basis and are happy, therefore, to promote this.

Kind regards,
Julie Whitton