Pooch and Mutt Expands into Ireland with Glenkrag Ltd

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Pooch and Mutt is pleased to announce that their range of seven, ethically made, premium dog treats are now available through Glenkrag, the largest wholesaler to the Pet, Aquatic and Garden Trade in Ireland. With Pooch and Mutt’s success in the British pet industry, it is no surprise that they have teamed up with Ireland’s best pet wholesaler to expand into Ireland. The established range of seven, best selling treats are natural and ethically made, with accreditation from PETA.

Expanding into the Irish pet industry has always been a goal of Pooch and Mutt, as the MD of the company, Guy Blaskey states “We are very proud to have Pooch and Mutt treats in the Republic of Ireland. By teaming up with Glenkrag Ltd, Ireland’s leading pet wholesaler, Pooch and Mutt treats will now be available to dogs outside of the UK. We are very pleased to help more dogs lead happy, healthy lives”.

Pooch and Mutt’s mini bone shaped biscuits are hand baked and low in calorie, so owners don’t have to worry about giving their dog too many treats! As well, they are wheat-gluten free, so the range of treats can be suitable for dogs with allergies and food restrictions. Each colourful tube of Pooch and Mutt treats has natural additives to help with specific issues dogs may encounter, such as the top selling “Fresh Breath” from the range of seven treats. The ingredients of parsley and peppermint oil help to combat bad breath in dogs. The seven treats are available in brightly coloured 125g tubes, with approximately 150 treats in each for dogs to enjoy. Each tube is £1.50 + VAT to trade, with an RRP of £2.99.

Glenkrag’s continued success in the Irish pet industry as one of the top pet wholesalers will be a wonderful new home for Pooch and Mutt products.

For more information, please email samantha@poochandmutt.com or call 0203 0111 567.

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For more information, please check out our website at www.poochandmutt.co.uk

Pooch & Mutt was established in 2008. All products are made in the UK.  Pooch and Mutt is a recipient of The Ethical Award from The Ethical Companies Organisation and has accreditation from PETA for ethical treatment of animals.  Over the years Pooch and Mutt has worked closely with several charities, both large and small, helping a number of rescue dogs.   Pooch and Mutt is a recipient of The Ethical Award from The Ethical Companies Organisation and has accreditation from PETA for the ethical treatment of animals.