Pooch and Mutt Launch Range of C.A.N.F. Dog Foods

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Pooch and Mutt are very proud to announce the launch of their new range of natural dog foods which are based on the concept of Condition Appropriate Nutrient Feeding (C.A.N.F.). The foods will be visible for the first time to the public at Interzoo 2014, the world’s largest pet trade show. All of the foods in the range are made in the UK, grain-free and based on creating the correct condition appropriate food from the base up.

The newly launched range includes: Calm & Relaxed, Fresh Breath, Slim & Slender, Move Easy and Digestion & Wind. The premium foods from Pooch and Mutt are initially available in 2 KG bags. They are hypoallergenic, free from grain, cereal, gluten, GM produce, artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial preservatives and have both ethical and PETA accreditation.
C.A.N.F. is a revolutionary feeding concept in the dog food market and Pooch and Mutt’s range of foods are at the forefront of this innovation. The C.A.N.F. concept is based on the understanding that the condition that an animal lives in determines their nutrient requirements more than any other factor. Just as a body-builder and a distance runner need to consume different nutrients due to their “condition”, an anxious dog, an arthritic dog and an overweight dog all need to consume different nutrients for their “condition”. The body-builder needs a higher ratio of protein in their diet to build muscle; the long-distance runner needs a higher ratio of carbohydrate to fuel long runs. Anxious dogs will benefit from a diet rich in l-tryptophan with added chamomile. Arthritic dogs will benefit from omega oils, glucosamine and chondroitin. Overweight dogs will benefit from a low-fat, high-fibre diet, with added CLA. Pooch and Mutt’s food range includes five foods with the correct nutrients appropriate for the five most common canine conditions.

Some dog food companies argue that all dogs should have the same diet. Pooch and Mutt see this as arguing that the bodybuilder and long distance runner should have the same nutrients. This is clearly wrong. Other dog food companies argue that individual breeds should eat breed-specific foods. Pooch and Mutt see this as arguing that all blondes should eat the same food! This is clearly wrong.

Guy Blaskey, MD of Pooch and Mutt, says “Growth in grain free and high quality food has been phenomenal in recent years, but functional/prescription foods have remained the same. Our new foods are not standard foods with added ingredients like other functional foods on the market. They are formulated from the base ingredients to be condition-appropriate. For example, it seems crazy to me that the main protein source in the best-selling “mobility food” is chicken, when you could use salmon, which is rich in Omega 3, an essential nutrient for joint health. Pooch and Mutt’s “mobility food”, ‘Move Easy’, has salmon as its number one ingredient. Added to the salmon are glucosamine, chondroitin, green lipped mussel and rosehip, all of which aid mobility. It is the complete package for joint health. If you look at the bestselling “digestion food”, the main ingredient is a grain, which dogs can find hard to digest. Pooch and Mutt’s ‘Digestion & Wind’ has fish as the number one ingredient, as fish is easier for dogs to digest. It also contains probiotics, prebiotics, psyllium and charcoal to further aid digestion. Pooch and Mutt’s mission is to help dogs lead happy and healthy lives for as long as possible. The food that they eat is crucial to achieve this. We’ve worked closely with top nutritionists to formulate the best C.A.N.F. foods to keep dogs happy and healthy”.

Pooch and Mutt is well known for both high quality ingredients and eye catching design, having recently won Gold for their treats at the European Design Awards. The foods are expected to be extremely popular with customers all around the world.

The foods are available to pre-order now. Pooch and Mutt’s premium range of condition appropriate foods are unlike any other product in the dog food industry and are sure to be distinctive and bestselling products with consumers.

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Pooch & Mutt was established in 2008. All products are made in the UK. Pooch and Mutt is a recipient of The Ethical Award from The Ethical Companies Organisation and has accreditation from PETA for ethical treatment of animals. Over the years Pooch and Mutt has worked closely with several charities, both large and small, helping a number of rescue dogs. Pooch and Mutt is a recipient of The Ethical Award from The Ethical Companies Organisation and has accreditation from PETA for the ethical treatment of animals.