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CANF Module launched for CPD points

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Learn more about C.A.N.F. (Condition Appropriate Nutrient Feeding) with new CPD module and talk at PATS.

In association with AMTRA and Over The Counter Magazine, Pooch & Mutt has launched a module on Condition Appropriate Nutrient Feeding (C.A.N.F). The module is worth 2 CPD points and is available of the Over The Counter Magazine website (

The module has been designed for professionals to; 1) help gain a better understanding of the link between nutrition and health in dogs, 2) develop a more in depth knowledge of nutrients that can help specific conditions, 3) be able to understand and explain the concept of Condition Appropriate Nutrient Feeding (C.A.N.F).

The CANF concept is relatively simple. It is based on the fact that the number 1 determinant of nutrient requirements in any animal is the ‘condition’ that an animal lives in.

We all know what is healthy food and what is unhealthy food. Increasingly we know what is healthy in a dog food ingredient list and what is not healthy. However there are many different healthy options some will more condition-appropriate for some animals and some will be more condition-appropriate for other animals. What determines what is healthier for the individual animal is that animal’s condition.

For example, you cannot argue that chicken is healthier than salmon, or that salmon is healthier than chicken. Both are healthy options. However if a dog has mobility problems you can argue that salmon is a better, more condition-appropriate, option for that dog, as salmon is a richer source of omega 3 and omega 3 aids mobility. On the other hand if a dog is overweight you can argue that chicken is a better, more condition-appropriate, option as chicken is lower in fat and richer in l-carnitine, which aids weight management.

The basis of the CANF concept is to start with a condition, such as mobility problems, anxiousness, obesity etc. The staring point of the food should be the protein source which is best for that condition. Then added to the protein source should be a range of the best, natural nutraceuticals for the condition. This is the best way to use nutrition to treats dogs.

The CANF foods in the Pooch & Mutt range include; Move Easy, Calm & Relaxed, Slim & Slender, Fresh Breath and Digestion & Wind. They are available though wholesalers and retailer nationwide. All foods are made in the UK, free from: grain, cereal and gluten, have no artificial flovours, colours, preservatives or GM ingredients.

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The CPD Module can be taken at

“An introduction to CANF” will be presented by Pooch & Mutt founder, Guy Blaskey at PATS, Harrogate on 15/09/14 at 12:40