Alaska Loves Pooch and Mutt’s Slim & Slender

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2014-09-12 12.02.12“This is Alaska who has been on Slim and Slender for 3 months. Prior to that for 3 years he’s been on at least 7 different foods, including Barking Heads and Canagan. They helped a bit but I needed to add fibre to them, as Alaska would always bloat after every meal.

I tried upping his walks and taking him swimming but for the amount of effort Alaska and I were putting in, we were not seeing big enough results! After a couple of days on Pooch and Mutt, his shape has completely changed and he has way more energy.

He was 10kg and is now 8.5kg after the last weigh in at the vets. The daily amounts on the feeding guide as advised are perfect! I also use to have to add pro fibre to each meal but Pooch and Mutt is so high in fibre, I don’t need to add any any more!


Spencer and Jemma

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