Alfie & Oscar are both doing great on Bionic Biotic and Mobile Bones

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We have 2 dogs, Oscar an Irish Red Setter and Alfie a cross Collie Lab. Both dogs on gluten free diets.

Alfie and Oscar




We got Alfie as a 15/16 week old rescue pup from Many Tears Rescue in November 2010 – he is now just over 4 years old.

After we got him, we did the usual pup feeding gradually changing the diet as weeks went by but felt so dreadfully sorry for him when he was doing his toilet duties. He would spend an absolute age going around the garden ‘dripping’ little bits of poo. It used to take him an absolute age poor thing.

We did all the usual things to try to alleviate this – chicken & rice etc., but nothing seemed to make a difference.

We were beginning to despair at what we could do to help him & doing some research on the internet Dec 2010/Jan 2011 I came  across a review for Bionic Biotic, checked your site out and thought, this sounds good – it’s got to be worth a try.  So, I ordered Alfie’s first batch of Bionic Biotic.

Very pleased to say – we haven’t looked back & have been using it ever since. His poo soon became normal & it was lovely to see him no longer struggling with his daily duties. Not only that, he looks a picture of health & as far as we are concerned it’s all down to Pooch & Mutt.

Our only problem with Alfie now is trying to keep his weight stable – he does like his food and could easily get bigger if it wasn’t kept in check.

So to assist with this, we started using W8 Off at the beginning of this year. His weight does appear to be stable but we still feel he could do with losing a few kilos, that’s why I was interested reading about your new Slim & Slender.

It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but I finally ordered 8 kilos & Alfie started on his new regime Wednesday of last week. We are starting by just substituting half his daily food intake with Slim & Slender & hopefully increase this. One of my worries was, that being used to wet food & showing little interest in dry food before, he wouldn’t take to it. No worries with that – he keeps his head down until it’s finished & seems to thoroughly enjoy it.

We are just hoping to see that weight drop a bit as a result!

Forgot to say (just in case you were thinking about it) both our dogs have loads of exercise each day. My husband is retired & first priority of the day – every day – come rain or shine is taking Oscar & Alfie out for at least an hour off lead – twice a day in the summer. They are both very active dogs.





Oscar, our Irish Setter is now 13 years & 3 months and doing great, still enjoying those daily walks with just a few more rest breaks included for his benefit. But he is doing brilliantly & is still very mobile for his age.

We were worried about him a couple of years ago. His joints seemed to be getting stiffer, especially in the mornings, and different things he used to be able to jump over, he suddenly couldn’t.

We started to look at what we could give Oscar to help his mobility & then when I was on your site ordering some more Bionic Biotic for Alfie I read up about Mobile Bones and once again thought – this sounds good, let’s give it a go, so ordered some.

Oscar has been on Mobile Bones ever since & we swear it’s due to Mobile Bones that he is still so active & he looks in brilliant condition.

Not long after starting Mobile Bones, Oscar was jumping over things that he’d stopped being able to. We think it’s brilliant stuff & have recommended to others with similar older dogs with joint issues, who have equally been delighted with the improvement in their dogs.

What we want to do is try Oscar on Move Easy.

Once again I wasn’t sure if Oscar would take to dry food as a replacement for a wet meal, but I got a sample pack from you and he ate that straight away & today gave him a whole meal of Alfie’s Slim & Slender and he ate that – no bother.

So I am quite confident that he will take to it.



— Sue Thomson