Ava is the Happiest She Can Be Since Being on Calm & Relaxed

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“This is Ava, she has been trying the Calm & Relaxed treats for a couple of days now, she is a very nervous doggy after a nasty experience with another dog when she was a pup.

I give her a couple of Calm & Relaxed treats before her walk now, and these are helping to chill her out a bit when she comes face to face with other dogs, without making too laid back which was what worried me.

But this hasn’t happened she still has loads of energy running around and playing indoors as normal, she is just calmer and more relaxed.

I am really looking forward to including the Calm & Relaxed kibble with her meals now (which arrived today), and grateful to be feeling that I am able to deal with her stress levels a lot more effectively so she is the happiest she can be.”