Digestion & Wind for Springer’s Tummy

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Digestion & Wind for Springer Bitch

“When I adopted my working springer bitch, she was fed on a standard well known kibble. She had ****** tummy, after ****** tummy, which was distressing for her and me. My vet even suggested medicating her. I didn’t want to take this route without further research. I then discovered Pooch and Mutt Digestion & Wind complete dog food. Due to the fact that she is has an extremely high level of exercise I do also feed her a specific ‘working dog high animal protein kibble’. But, NEVER without mixing it with Pooch and Mutt (50/50). Her digestion ******** are now a thing of the past and I am 100% confident that feeding Pooch and Mutt is the reason why. I can’t recommend this food highly enough and I think you’ll agree, my girl looks happy and healthy. Thanks Pooch and Mutt!”


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