Calm & Relaxed and Supplements Helps Dogs with Brain Tumour and Liver Cancer

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Rescue Dogs Nellie & Jake

Jake and Nellie are two rescue dogs who have Calm & Relaxed Complete Grain-Free Dog Food, Calm & Relaxed Treats, and supplements Mobile Bones and Bionic Biotic.

“Many thanks for your advice before my last order as to treats suitable for my dog with a brain tumour and advanced liver cancer. He is thoroughly enjoying everything, as is my other dog, a chocolate labrador bitch. I have had to switch treats for her as well or they sniff each others whiskers and glare at me accusingly.

I am pleased to report that Jake is still with me (Hence today’s order) despite the prognosis of 2 weeks to live, given on November 6th. He will have survived 13 weeks tomorrow and while there have been a couple of times when I felt,”this is it”,¬† he is still playing with Nellie and eating like a horse.

His belly is enormous due to the liver cancer but it doesn’t seem to bother him unduly. He has been having sort of disorientated, vacant spells on occasions during the past couple of weeks, but the vet says they worry me more than him and he is obviously still happy and enjoying life.¬†Thank you again for your advice. At least I know that I have not been feeding him treats which will also feed the cancers.”