Health & Digestion Gives Minnie Solid Stools and Shiny Coat

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“This is my 1 year old French Bulldog, Minnie. For the last 4 months Minnie has been using Health & Digestion kibble, Bionic Biotic supplement and Brain and Train treats.

We first started using the Health & Digestion kibble as Minnie had loose stools, a noisy rumbling tummy that sounded like a locomotive and wind so smelly it would bring tears to your eyes.

We had worked out that Minnie was sensitive to cereals and grains and since using the Health & Digestion kibble everything has improved; she returned to her normal healthy weight, her coat shined again, her stomach no longer gargled and her stools became more solid.

Best of all, the frequency of her wind has decreased although, and this is something we will probably have to live with, it still clears the room when it does happen ;)” – Kate

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