No More Trips to the Vets After Using Bionic Biotic!

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Amber and Karley
“Amber is 6 and Karley is 5 years old. One problem with gun dogs is they are 4 legged dust bins and pick up anything that looks good to them, horse muck, rabbits, etc. resulting in the usual diarrhea.


A visit to the vets a couple of times a month with two dogs gets a little expensive. When reading the Country Mans Weekly I came across an article on Pooch and Mutt’s Bionic Biotic supplement.


We sent for some to try and what an excellent product it turned out to be, our 2 Spinones have been on the supplement for number of years now, 2 meals a day both with Bionic Biotic. The trips to the vets have stopped for diarrhea.”