Puppy Development Treats Help to Train Alfie

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“I’ve been finding it a little challenging to house train Alfie with him being such a stubborn little Dachshund, I’ve been using these treats as a reward as part of his positive training to help him.

I’ve been very particular on what treats to give Alfie with him being a miniature dachshund and their tendency to put on weight very easily, what I liked about these treats is that they are not too small so you don’t have to overindulge him with a lot in order to make it a special treat.

The treats are also not too hard, as he is only a small dog anyway his teeth are only tiny and as much as he tries to eat anything in sight regardless of how hard or big it is I don’t want to worry about him damaging his little teeth on treats that I’ve chosen to give him.

I have bought their treats before for both Chester and Alfie and I will definitely continue to do so in the future.”

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