“She has beautiful markings and her coat is super!”

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“The girls came to me about 2 years ago as fosters.  They had been abandoned so came into Rescue from the pound. I failed as a foster mum as I ended up adopting them! Sugar, black/sable, circa 9 yrs now, was in an awful state when she came to Rescue.

She tended to walk on her hocks & wondered if her back end was a problem but it turned out to be muscle wasting as obviously not been exercised. Her coat was dreadful & she scratched her ears quite a bit.  Her poos were inconsistent & generally looked an unhappy dog.

I had heard of Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic & read up on it so decided to put her on it & I have never looked back.  As you can see from the photos I am sending you, she is a stunner. My family say she is my success story!  She has beautiful markings & her coat is super & she has blossomed.

She doesn’t tend to walk on her hocks now & her poos are consistently solid.  She hardly scratches her ears & has a twinkle in her eye & can even smile now. Bella, the black one, who is circa 8 yrs now, is a sturdy little thing & settled quickly initially with no problems but about 6 months ago she had a period of lameness which is a total no no for Bella as she is very active & loves to run round after balls.

Given her age the lameness in part was attributed to arthritis so had no hesitation in putting her on Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones.  If this turned out to be anywhere near as good Bionic Biotic then I was on a winner. Bella has now been on Mobile Bones for about 4 months, no sign of lameness & running around like a 3 yr old.

I am so impressed that as you know I have started Sugar on it, given her age. I know there are many products on the market for dogs but I have found products that works for my girls & I highly recommend them to other dog owners.  My girls are a testament to you.”

Chris Wood