No more runny stools for Mabel with Bionic Biotic!

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“My name is Mabel I am nearly three. I live in a lovely house with my own cat and a hoomummy and a hoodaddy. I sleep in the kitchen at night with an Aga, it is like a big metal hot water bottle but it cooks stuff too. Sometimes the cat is sitting in front of it but at night it is all mine. The cat is called Sooty.

My bottom is very troublesome, my hoomummy says it is because I am a bottom feeder and eat all the rubbish in the fields. Rabbit poos are so yummy, who would not want to eat that I ask myself. Anyway I get upset tummies all the time and my bottom, well, let’s just say it smells a bit!

Then my hoomummy bought me some Bionic Biotic, she put Colitis in dogs into the Googly thing ad boom ,quicker than you can say, Mabel leave the cat alone, my tummy is all better. No more runny poos and scraping my bottom along the carpet.

I have run out now and today, oh boy was my bottom being difficult. Hoomummy has ordered me some more and I will be very happy when it comes. I don’t like boiled chicken and rice and want my normal nummies back. When my tummy is better I can go back on to it- hurry up Mr Postman, I like you really.”


Mabel Stevens