“I have been able to increase our walks as they have a lot more energy!”

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img_4616‘After a few days of feeding Move Easy dog food I noticed the shine in both of my pooches coats, I found during the colder months both their coats had lost their glossy look and it was great to see it restored.

Their coats look so wonderful and everyone comments on how soft Woody’s coat is now, he really is so fluffy!!!

The change in food to Move easy has also solved a problem we had with Charlie scoffing his food we use to find bits of kibble everywhere from him snout diving his bowl.

He now eats his food at a healthy pace from what I can see I think it is because he needs to chew the food and he enjoys the taste. Its made a massive difference in him, he no longer sleeps straight after a meal. He is a lot more active and his begging at the table has stopped.

All sounds too good to be true but I have now been feeding Pooch & Mutts Move easy dog food for over a month and the benefits are shining so strongly I have been able to increase our walks as they have a lot more energy and the best bit their breath smells lovely after a bowl of food so doggy kisses are no longer smelly!!!’


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