Calm & Relaxed Helps Charlie Around Other Dogs!

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‘I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how fantastic your product is! We got our dog Charlie about 5 years ago from a rescue centre, he was about 9 months old and was extremely nervous when we got him. He was part of the family straight away and our two children love him to bits especially our son, they are like best friends!

Anyway we have experienced a lot of problems taking him for a walk, he is extremely nervous and hates other dogs. He also hates being left in the house on his own, we videoed him while we were out to see what he was like and he got really anxious and often left me a nasty surprise for when I got back.

We’ve tried everything, my sister works with dogs and she would often suggest different things to try and we always gave it a go as it was starting to get us down. We were on the internet one day and thought we would use Google to see if there was anything else we could try, when your product appeared. We ordered some to try and couldn’t believe the change in Charlie, he was like a different dog!

My mam, who refused to take him out after a few bad walks with him, didn’t believe me until she came to see him. He is now calm and doesn’t react to other dogs as much as he did before. I phoned my sister to tell her and she told me that the place where she works stocks a large range of Pooch and Mutt, so I have been and bought the food as well as the treats.

Myself and my husband both work full time now and Charlie has been good as gold when we have left him in the house during the day, he has a few treats on a morning and a few more at lunch time when we come home to take him for a walk. Your product has completely taken the stress out of leaving Charlie and we feel like we have a normal dog at last! (he seems a lot happier too).’

Ali Talbot