Running With Your Dog

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Pooch & Mutt have recently been out exercising with Joggy Doggy, a service that trains pooch owners in Canicross. Canicross is a sport that sees owners running with their dogs. Joggy Doggy helps people work toward races and events whilst attached to their four-legged counter parts! With the help of Pooch & Mutt’s naturally powered health products the Joggy Doggy team is expanding and have groups up and down the country. Pooch & Mutt’s Key Account Manager Nathan met with owner Jenny, who told us everything you need to know about Canicross. See the instructional and informative video below to learn more about attaching a harness or waist belt, and what you should bare in mind ahead of your first Canicross experience. To see Nathans run with the Joggy Doggy team, click here >