Spencer’s Story

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Spencer the dog


Just over 6 months ago we met Spencer, a little dog needing a new home. Unfortunately he didn’t have the best start in life. He had been bred badly and his owner died when he was no more than a year old. He then was passed around and the next 3 years of his life it’s apparent he really didn’t get the care and love he needed.

By the time we found him he was literally a bag of bones and had no muscles to support his joints. His bones had grown at different rates and he had rickets. He was in so much pain he had never wagged his tail or got excited over anything that a normal happy healthy doggy would.

We realised over the next couple of weeks this wouldn’t be a straight forward case of just feeding him up and giving him regular walks and love. He needed to lean up against us whenever he stood up. In the evening we would watch our other little dog running around happily while Spencer would not move and have his ears back at all times.

Any chance he had he would be over trying to knock our bin over looking for food and rather than sleeping in his bed or anywhere comfy he would get into a plastic box as we had been made aware he had never had a bed.

What we did know is this little dog needed a chance. We didn’t want him to wake up every day being in pain and we wanted him to learn to trust that we had his best interest at heart.

Instantly we knew exactly which food he would be best on. A food we have already been giving to our other dog that says what it does. He needed the best and without any doubt we put him on Pooch and mutt.

His legs were so fragile that building him up had to be a slow process as the lack of muscles meant he wouldn’t be able to cope having much weight on them. Slim and slender was perfect for Spencer as it had high protein but less fat. We also put him on the supplements by pooch and mutt for strong bones and pre and pro biotics. The treats range too are great, not only did he love them they are super tiny for him to eat easily as he struggled eating.

We saw a massive improvement in Spencer’s quality of life over the next weeks. Our amazing vet Alan and his team at Radlett’s Medivet helped and supported us right the way through. For years with my other dog they have always been a team you can trust and give the highest level of care anyone could ever wish for their pet. Having two dogs that mean the world to me I would only ever go to someone who would always put my pet’s needs first and treat them as if they are their own.

Spencer had an operation to help slow the process of arthritis which at some point he will eventually get. The operation helped relieve most of the pain he had always lived with. 6 months on and he is now happier than I have ever seen him.

Everyone involved in allowing this to happen and change Spencer’s life I want to say thank you to. I may have been the one who gave him the chance but there is no way I could of done it by myself and without the help of the best food and best vets.

I know Spencer says thank you every day as every day now he wags his tail and for the first time in a long time he can just be a dog and do all the things that dogs love to do best.

My wish is to make people aware the importance of a healthy balanced food for their puppy or dog and to find and attend an honourable veterinary practice.