Archie Before and After Bionic Biotic

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Archie before and After


“As you can see Archie in the first picture is very sore. He’s been on Bionic Biotic for just over three weeks now and there is a considerable difference to his tummy in the second picture I am sure you’ll agree. He still has ‘flare ups’ and even though he is on a good brand of hypoallergenic food I am at a loss to what may be causing this.

My G.S.D has also benefited from having Bionic Biotic on her food, the skin is normal colour and not so scaly now. My dogs, like some people, are allergic to their surroundings, can’t keep them wrapped in cotton wool! But will persevere with the Bionic Biotic and will be putting in a further order. Thank you.”

Roxanne, Archie and Brandy.


Update: This is the third day after taking the second photo and Archie’s tummy looks TONNES better!