Roo is Happier and Has More Control Over Herself on Calm & Relaxed Food

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Roo resized“Roo is a young, intelligent, hyperactive collie who loves the sea, agility, flyball and frisbees.  Unfortunately all of these things, and more besides, tend to get her so excited she simply loses control and is very hard to handle.

I thought I’d try her on Pooch & Mutt’s Calm & Relaxed food in the hope that it would take the edge off the craziness.  It has worked amazingly well, she is still very much my nutty, loveable, cuddly collie but just has a bit more control over herself now and is a happier dog for it too.

We’ve both come on leaps and bounds in agility, and we’re able to go out and about into what would have been tough situations previously with a lot more confidence.  Thanks Pooch & Mutt!”

Dr. Rachel Nicholls-Lee