“Harvey wolfed down the bowl which is absolutely unheard of for him!”

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Harvey“We have a very fussy three year old Pomeranian who usually goes off food after a few bowlfuls. Of course, we only want to feed him the best quality food, and so after going through many (many!) high-end foods from the local pet store, we turned to the Internet – we were very swiftly running out of options!

That’s when we came across Pooch & Mutt. We ordered a sample pack of the Calm & Relaxed food which arrived within a couple of days.  Harvey wolfed down the bowl which is absolutely unheard of for him!

That evening he fell asleep on my lap around 7.30 and it was bliss – I genuinely couldn’t believe the difference just one bowl of food had made to his hyperactivity and he obviously enjoyed every morsel.

Since then we’ve bought three big bags which usually last around 6 weeks, and he still enjoys each bowl as much as the first.

As vegans, we were pleased to see that Pooch & Mutt is also PETA approved for not testing on animals – we don’t make our dog avoid animal products but this felt like an added bonus for us.
Please never stop making this product – Harvey loves it so much he glides through his walks now!!”

Emily, Andrew & Harvey